Backflow Prevention

Pitton Plumbing & Backflow Prevention

We provide a complete Backflow Prevention service. Our certified team follows all protocol and begins with completing a Cross Connection Control Survey of the building. We then work with an engineer and obtain the proper building permits on your behalf that satisfy the City’s requirements. We perform an annual test of the Backflow Prevention device, tag the device and fill out the proper forms to complete the service.

Backflow Prevention is becoming more predominant in many municipalities due to the risk of cross-contamination due to backflow. Under certain conditions, the flow of water in a supply line can be reversed and contaminants can flow backwards into the drinking water supply line.

What is Backflow?

A building’s water supply usually flows from the source of water through to the plumbing water lines in the building. The potable water supply can become contaminated by accident or through hazardous connections to the piping (cross connection). Under certain conditions such as backsiphonnage and backpressure, the flow of water in a supply line can be reversed and therefore causing backflow into the water supply. Backflow can occur in any type of residential, commercial or industrial building and there are certain preventative measures that can be implemented in any building.

Cross Connection Control Survey

In order to determine if there are any cross connections or potentially hazardous connections to the piping, a Cross Connection Control Survey must be completed of the building. This survey may only be completed by a Certified Backflow Tester and we have a team of these here at Pitton Plumbing. This survey identifies any cross connections throughout the building. If there is not already a Backflow Prevention Device present, the findings on this survey will determine the type of device required. For those deemed as high hazard, a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly (RP) will be required. For those deemed as a moderate hazard, a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) will be required.










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