Backwater Valve Installation & Maintenance

Backwater Valve Services

If you are experiencing or have experienced a sewer backup in your home, then you may want to consider installing a Backwater Valve. A Backwater Valve is intended to prevent the backflow of sewage into your home. Backwater Valves are installed to mitigate the risk of flooding in your basement due to sewer surcharge, back up or drainage system failure. Sewer backups usually occur after a heavy rainfall or when there is a blockage in the sewer drain. These sewer backups can cause unnecessary expensive damages to your home as well as health issues if the problem is not resolved quickly.

Pitton Plumbing has installed hundreds of Backwater Valves in the Hamilton area after the major flooding in 2009. Since then, the City of Hamilton has developed a program to aid most homes in the Hamilton area. This program is called the “Protective Plumbing Program” or “3P Program” which requires a licensed plumbing contractor to complete an assessment of your sewer via video inspection as well as to install the Backwater Valve itself. If you are eligible, the City of Hamilton will provide a $2,000.00 grant for this program. Since inception, we have been involved in this program and we are accustomed to the procedures that are involved.

Once the Backwater Valve is installed, it requires regular maintenance. The Backwater Valve manufacturer, Mainline, recommends that the device should be cleaned once a year or after any storm. The reason for this is that sometimes debris can block the cleanout or prevent the flapper from opening and closing.

The only approved Backwater Valve in Ontario is the normally open-style Mainline Backwater Valve. The diagram below outlines how the Backwater Valve operates:


Pitton Plumbing’s Backwater Valve Services:

  • Assessments for the “3P Program”
  • Backwater Valve Installation
  • Backwater Valve Maintenance