About Us

Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been dedicated to our loyal customers since establishment in 1983. We know the importance of quality service and standing true to the services that we provide. This family-owned and operated business integrates strong work ethic, professionalism and outstanding service into all of our employees. We are able to service your immediate needs and with over 25 service vehicles, we can respond promptly to each and every service call. We would never try to lessen your needs because we know how important they are, because after all, we are customers too!

Pitton Plumbing is owned and managed by a licenced plumber who provides over 30 years’ worth of experience and knowledge to his plumbers. Our working owner has integrated a team of office personnel and dispatchers who diligently work to receive all of our customers’ requests and schedule them in the most timely and efficient matter imaginable. Our dispatchers are live people and not operators, and are able to sympathize with each and every situation.

We offer complete plumbing, sewer, waste hauling and portable sanitation services and can repair, replace or install all residential, commercial and industrial piping and fixtures. There is nothing we can’t fix, replace or install according to the plumbing code! All of our servicemen are licensed plumbers and have fully-stocked vehicles. We also have a fully-stocked warehouse centrally located with complete parts to give access to our servicemen during the day or in the evening.

Customer service is OUR specialty and your asset! Call us today and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Our Plumbers & Service Vehicles

Pitton Plumbing takes prides in the training we provide to our employees and the systems that we have integrated within the company. Through doing this, we have a professional staff of plumbers and a fully-stocked fleet of service vehicles. Our Service Vehicles contain all of the common parts required to complete any repair. Our licensed technicians have the knowledge to complete tasks for a fair and competitive price. If the plumber does not have a specialty part on his service vehicle, we warehouse approximately 12,000 plumbing parts in our shop which is centrally located to serve you better.

Our dispatchers receive the service calls from our customers and dispatch them along with all work description details to our technicians. We do our absolute best to accommodate all of our customer’s schedules and always provide prompt service. We support all of our service work to ensure you get what you need – on time and at a fair price. Each of our vehicles has our company logo on them and our plumbers are always in uniform.

We have been in business for a long time and have the experience to provide the best possible service in the industry.