Drain & Sewer Odour Detection

Commercial Drain & Sewer Odour Detection Services

Do you have an unpleasant odour coming from your drain or sewer? Pitton Plumbing has tactful procedures in sourcing the issue and then eliminating the problem! Sometimes the cause of the issue can be a broken sewer or a blockage in the drain itself. Other times it can be a small crack the size of a pinhole that is causing the foul odour.

The hygiene of a commercial building is essential for proper operation of business and health of employees. If you are smelling sewage odour in your block, it is not only distracting but it also indicates signs of sewage gas leaks. Pitton Plumbing values each and every customer and will complete a thorough inspection when investigating the odour.

Causes of Sewer Odour

When commercial drain odour appears in a business area, it indicates serious problems. Depending on where the odour is coming from, there are a variety of tools we can use that are non-invasive.  There can be several factors responsible, some of which are:

  • Leaking Sewer Vents
    Inadequately installed vents allow the build-up of sewer gas in the drainage system which escapes through the roof. If the leaks develop along the sewer vent pipes, the sewer gas enters the room through the walls.
  • Clogged Sanitation Vents
    The vent openings can be clogged by storm damage or animal nests. This pushes the sewer gas back down into the drain pipes.
  • Dried Traps
    Large commercial buildings may have sections that have been sealed off. If there are drains in those areas connected to the main sewage system, sewer gas can escape through the drains. 

Smoke Test for Drains and Sewers

Sewage smell in the bathroom or corridors can be caused due to broken pipes. Our team of professionals use smoke test to track:

  • The source of a lingering smell
  • Cross connections between sanitary sewers and storm drains
  • Defective sewer connections leading to sewer gas leakage

The smoke test includes pumping non-toxic smoke into the drainage system and following the pipeline to see if the smoke comes out from any gaps from the drain. This test can even detect a hairline crack which would be impossible to detect otherwise.

Get In Touch with Pitton Plumbing!

Our plumbers are all highly experienced and conduct a proper investigation when trying to detect the cause of the odour. Since most drains and sewers are underground, behind a wall or in a ceiling, they use the most non-invasive procedures possible to detect the problem while leaving your business untouched.

At Pitton Plumbing, we rely on our trained and experienced plumbers to locate and solve your sewer odour problems. If you are in need of our commercial plumbing or drain and sewer odour detection services, give us a call today. We provide service to most of Southwestern Ontario.