Electric Drain Augering

Commercial Drain Augering Services

Do you have a sewer or drain that has backed up or keeps plugging up? We have a highly trained team of plumbing professionals who can fix this problem for you. Our plumbers will come to your location with all the tools, including an Electric Drain Auger or “Snake”, to clear the blockage. The Electric Drain Auger is built to quickly remove any blockages in a sewer or drain pipe.

The cause of the sewer backup can be due to a number of reasons such as: blockages in the drain or sewer; shifts in the sewer; broken drains or sewers; or tree roots. Pitton Plumbing has been servicing Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas since 1983 and management has passed on their expertise and knowledge of sewers and drains. You can rest assured knowing that your drain problem is in excellent hands.