Restaurant Renovations

Restaurant Renovation Contractors

Whether you are implementing new equipment or doing a complete renovation of your restaurant, count on us to provide you with professional and prompt service that you require. As a business owner or manager, you would like the restaurant to be up and running in a short period of time. You do not have time to waste to wait for contractors. By choosing Pitton Plumbing, you will not only receive excellent customer service but you will be amazed by our strong work ethic.

We can install water, waste and vent piping for every type of plumbing fixture available. We install anything that water runs through and we take pride in all of the jobs that we do. We can also accommodate the restaurant by avoiding work during regular business hours. We can work on night shifts or start early in the morning to avoid interfering with the daily operations of the establishment. Pitton Plumbing works WITH the customer so in the end, everyone is happy.