Commercial Sewage & Sump Pump Services

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Commercial sewage and sump pumps are used to help prevent flooding of basements and crawl spaces. They work to pump waste and water away from buildings to prevent it from leaking inside and flooding your business. It is important that these pumps are installed in commercial buildings.

Many businesses use their basements to store excess products and supplies. With the common occurrence of basement flooding, especially in areas with wet climates, you could be putting hundreds or thousands of dollars at risk if you do not have the proper equipment in place to keep your basement free of water. Your solution to this is the installation of a sump pump.

Protect Your Business with Sewage & Sump Pump Installations

Sump pumps are usually installed within a special pit that collects water and then pumps it away from the building to prevent flooding. Sewage pumps serve a similar purpose and are used to pump sewer waste from low plumbing fixtures up to the main sewer line. Without this pump, the waste can back up and flood your basement storage area.

To prevent basement flooding and sewer backups at your business, be sure to contact Pitton Plumbing. Our expert plumbers can assess your unique situation and find the best solution to your problem. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial services.