Sink Installation & Repair

Commercial Sink Installation & Repair

The installation of a new sink is not something that an average person has to think about regularly. So when the time comes that they do need a new sink, we make sure that we have all the answers. Pitton Plumbing caters to a wide variety of customers and understands that there are not any identical requests. Thus, we work in conjunction with many suppliers to keep our customers satisfied.

If the sink can be repaired, our plumbers will complete the job to make the sink as close to new as possible. Since most sinks are built to withstand constant use, when they do crack or start to leak, the sink will most likely need to be replaced.

This is where our expertise comes in. Our plumbers will assess the situation in a timely manner in order to properly identify whether or not the sink can be repaired. Once this is done, they will inform you of the next steps along with the pricing. They are trained to provide adequate explanations so that the customer is never left in the dark.

The plumber will arrive onsite with a fully-stocked service vehicle which carries stock items and most replacement parts. Each job is important to us no matter how big or small and we strive to provide the greatest customer satisfaction attainable.