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Grease Interceptor Maintenance Services in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for dependable grease trap cleaning services in Hamilton, Oakville or surrounding areas? Pitton Plumbing has the manpower and equipment to service all different types, makes and models of Grease Interceptors no matter what size or its location. As outlined below, regular maintenance of any Grease Interceptor (also known as a grease trap) is necessary to not only ensure efficiency, but must be followed in accordance with the law.

Hamilton grease trap cleaning services

What is a Grease Interceptor?

  • A grease interceptor is a receptacle located between the drain lines and the sanitary sewer lines
  • It separates and collects fats, oils and greases (F.O.G.) from the wastewater to help keep harmful clog-causing debris out of the drain lines and City sewer system

Why do I need to have a Grease Trap?

  • The City of Hamilton, as well as most other municipalities, has imposed a minimum amount (25%) of F.O.G. that is acceptable in the wastewater leaving an establishment
  • It also helps to prevent F.O.G. from plugging up the drains and causing unnecessary damages

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

  • The interceptor slows down the water coming from the drains which allows the F.O.G. to cool
  • The water passes over a series of separator baffles that are designed to cause F.O.G. to separate from the wastewater
  • The cooled F.O.G. then rises to the top of the interceptor and accumulates until removed
  • The wastewater is now relieved of 90% or more of F.O.G. and can flow into the sewer system

Why is it Important to Maintain my Grease Interceptor?

  • As the accumulated F.O.G. increases, it becomes more likely for the contaminants to go down the drain, defeating the purpose of the interceptor
  • Other problems such as drain line blockages and back-ups will occur which will require the lines to be augured and high pressure flushed which can be expensive
  • Also, too much F.O.G. being deposited into the City’s sewer lines can lead to fines

Our Grease Trap Maintenance Program

  • First, we will send the service technician to your location to clean out the grease interceptor
  • After cleaning, the technician will advise you of how often the interceptor should be serviced
  • Our office dispatchers are then notified and add your location to a computerized service schedule
  • We schedule based on size and use of the interceptor – once the interceptor reaches 25% capacity level of F.O.G., we recommend it to be cleaned out
  • Our service technicians are thoroughly trained and our services are always guaranteed

Once you are added to our Maintenance Program, you can rest assured knowing that your Grease Interceptor will be taken care of by expert technicians. Every time that our technicians visit your location for a maintenance call, the Grease Interceptor will be inspected. If any issues are recorded, we will immediately prepare a quotation for the repairs. We also install and repair all types of Grease Interceptors, large and small. Please visit our Grease Interceptor Installation & Repair page for more information!


Pitton Plumbing’s Grease Interceptor Maintenance Services in the Hamilton Area:

  • Restaurant Maintenance
  • Food Processor Maintenance
  • Hospital Maintenance
  • Long Term Care Facility Maintenance
  • Banquet Centre Maintenance
  • School Maintenance
  • New Installation, Replacement & Repair
  • Interceptor Condition Report
  • F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease) Report to satisfy the City of Hamilton’s requirements
  • After Hours Maintenance
  • Computerized Scheduling Maintenance Program