Residential Sewer & Drain Services

When your sewers and drains are in trouble, be sure to contact us first! Residents and businesses in Hamilton know that our sewer and drain services can handle any plumbing issue in a thorough and professional way.

Our Sewer Service Vehicles contain all of the equipment that is required to perform the tasks at hand. From small drains to large sewers, we do not require to leave the jobsite until the job is completed. From electric drain augers to high pressure flushing equipment, we come prepared to resolve your issue in a timely manner. We also have the technology and the experience for video inspections of sewers. This technology enables us to inspect the condition of sewers and we can accurately determine defects or the condition of the piping. This eliminates the guess work and can save unnecessary costs. Video inspections are an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions like broken sewers, pipe sagging, offset joints and sludge buildup. We can also inspect for future connections and locate existing sewers.

All of the piping that we clear blockages from or video inspect, we can also replace or repair. For years, we have worked in conjunction with the City of Hamilton programs to inspect and repair defective sewers. Pitton Plumbing is also highly experienced in the installation of backwater valves.

We also service most of Southwestern Ontario, so be sure to check out our service area page for more information!

We provide 24 Hour Emergency Service… Anytime. Anywhere.

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