Sewage & Sump Pit Cleaning

Sewage and Sump Pump Cleaning

The purpose of a Sewage Pit is to collect sewage and waste water and the purpose of a Sump Pit is to collect storm water and/or groundwater. Both the Sewage Pump and the Sump Pump work to pump out the sewage and water, however sometimes the pits accumulate debris that cannot be pumped out. Once the pit accumulates a high volume of debris, it can have negative impacts on the Sewage and Sump Pumps themselves.

When Pitton Plumbing arrives to clean out a Sewage Pit or Sump Pit, we take all necessary precautions to ensure the Pumps are not negatively affected. Once this is done, our technicians vacuum out the pit with their specialized equipment. If the Pit requires High Pressure Flushing, we also have the manpower and equipment to complete this service as well.

Pitton Plumbing aims to please each and every customer and will not consider a job complete until it is done properly and the customer is satisfied. Our knowledge base and expertise make every job run smoothly and effectively and your property in pristine condition.