Incorrect Dishwasher Installation: What Does This Mean for Your Home?

Instead of spending your precious time manually washing your dishes, why not take advantage of a dishwasher to do the work for you? While it may appear like a simple appliance to install, doing it incorrectly can result in flooding or pooling, that may lead to bacterial or mould growth. These scenarios can amount to costly repairs, all of which can be avoided if you call a professional plumber in Hamilton to help you get the job done right the first time.

A woman putting dishes in her properly installed dishwasher in Hamilton

Signs Your Dishwasher is Installed Incorrectly – Advice from Your Hamilton Plumber

 It is imperative to keep your dishes clean on a daily basis. A properly functioning dishwasher can play a key role in helping you keep your kitchen area clean, without sacrificing your time and energy. How do you know if you are getting the most out of your dishwasher? Here are a few ways you can determine if your dishwasher has been installed incorrectly:

  1. Dirty Dishes: If you find that your dishes are dirty after a wash cycle, this could signal an installation problem. After all, the purpose of your dishwasher is to ensure your dishes are clean. If the dishwasher drain hose has been installed incorrectly, dirty water that is meant to drain into your kitchen sink drain hose, will get suctioned back into your dishwasher, resulting in dirty dishes.
  2. Foul Odour: Do you notice a strange smell coming from your dishwasher or kitchen sink? If your dishwasher is installed correctly, this should not be a normal occurrence. With your dishwasher empty, run a wash cycle to make sure the smell is not simply caused by a dirty dishwasher. If the odour still persists, this may indicate an issue with your dishwasher drain hose. At this point, you will need to inspect your drain hose for any leftover debris. Your drain hose may require readjusting to fix this problem.
  3. Water Pooling: Improper drainage is another indication that your dishwasher has been installed incorrectly. Improper drain tubing or supply line installation may lead to a sink drain backup. Worse still, your dishwasher may not be able to drain water, resulting in pooling that can lead to serious flooding and water damage. Pay attention to your dishwasher drain pump and motor for signs of poor installation.
  4. Leaks: Similar to water pooling, a leaking dishwasher could spell a major disaster for the rest of your home. Leaks can be the result of an improper pump seal or drain installation. Also, inspect your dishwasher door gasket. You can identify an improper seal if it appears loose or brittle.

Kitchen appliances can be costly. In order to protect your investments and maximize their efficiency, it is important that you install these units correctly. At Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc., we will handle all your plumbing fixtures with care and diligently work to provide only the best service for your dishwasher installation and repair needs.

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